Fall 2018 Bucket List

Hey everyone! Since yesterday was officially the first day of fall I thought it was fitting to share my fall bucket list! Fall is my favorite season so I hope this list sparks inspiration for you.

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Go for a walk in the woods
  3. Bake pie (apple pie is my favorite)
  4. Eat caramel apples
  5. Watch a football game
  6. Paint/carve a pumpkin
  7. Make a fall themed collage
  8. Go to a haunted house
  9. Have a campfire
  10. Try new recipes
  11. Have a fall photo shoot
  12. Go geocaching
  13. Read a book
  14. Get fall scented candles
  15. Decorate room/ house for fall

Lilly 🙂

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