How I changed my life

Hi everyone,

Recently I made a decision that for me was very hard to make. Everyone has a reason why they don’t make a change in their life when they feel they need it. It could be because they are scared it won’t work out, they don’t want to let anyone down, or any other reason that your brain tells you not to. I see the reasons why not to do something all connect to either your or others feelings or just because of the uncertainty of what will happen. I’ll admit, for quite some time I put off making this change because I thought that my parents would be mad. But recently I told my parents and hey I’m still here!

My whole life I played lacrosse and everyone thought that it was a given that I would play in college. But playing has just brought so much stress on my life that lacrosse slowly started to become not fun anymore. I still enjoy playing don’t get me wrong and I’ll still play for my high school team and maybe club lacrosse in college, but academics comes before lacrosse for me so I decided not to play varsity lacrosse in college.

One day a planned how I would tell my parents because lacrosse means so much to my dad. I told my mom first by easing my way into the conversation. It was easy to tell my mom because she rather me not play and focus on education in college so I do well after college. So after I told her and she said it was fine, we both brought it up to my dad. I’d say I’ve overthought how my dad would react because in the end he said he wanted me to be happy and not stressed. And now, I’m just trying to figure out what I do want to do in my life now that getting recruiting isn’t consuming a large part of my life.

I just wanted to tell you that make sure you are happy with your life (even though that’s cheesy to say I’m going to say it) and try not to over think everything because I’m someone who can over think something but I’ll work on that. I hope that even if we have different problems whether its big or small that everyone does their best to do whats right for them.

Have a wonderful day!

Lilly πŸ™‚

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