Travel Bucket List

Hey everyone!

Lately, wanderlust has consumed me and I’ve been thinking where I want to travel to if I could. It feels so long since the last time I’ve traveled somewhere. Thankfully there is a possibility that my family goes somewhere either this month or during winter break! Fingers crossed! But I’ve decided to put together a list of places I want to go to and see at one point in my life:

  1.  France: I want to climb the Eiffel Tower and see the beautiful setting France and Paris has to offer!
  2. Australia: Scuba diving is something that me and my brothers really want to try since my father scuba dived when he grew up, and the Great Barrier Reef would be perfect for that!
  3. Rome
  4. Hawaii
  5. Northern Lights: This would be breath taking to see in real life and not just as my wallpaper on my computer.
  6. Wilmington, North Carolina: This may seem oddly specific but this is where they filmed the TV show One Tree Hill and I really want to see the buildings because I loved that show.
  7. South America
  8. London
  9. Greece
  10. Fiji

I prefer warmer places to travel because I love summer time with all the clothes, concerts, and fresh air, but I’m glad I live in New England because I get to experience every season and I love it!

Question: Where you would like to travel and do you ever collect any souvenirs when you go somewhere?

My Answer: I collect souvenir spoons from the places I travel! It all started when my mom came back from a business trip and gave me a spoon thinking I collected them but at the time I didn’t. From there on I collected them because I thought it was something different and the idea of collecting them grew on me.


Lilly 🙂


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